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Sunlit flowers, Melbourne

Sunrise, somewhere over Italy

 Storm in New York, Dumbo NY

Mixed blocks, Williamsburg NY

 Cable management, Phuket Thailand 

 Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

 Dust storm, Dubai

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If you're reading this because it had FREE in the description, well read on my friend, because these apps have no hidden fees and no hidden costs (although your shopping addiction is not our fault!)
Here's a quick round up of my favourite fun, free and inspiring apps that I use a lot (all iphone friendly of course) And yes, you're welcome.

Travel Diary - Sea Cicada Fishing

Travel Diary - Sea Cicada Fishing
Phuket Thailand, October 2013
Documented by Lucas Milone @ Anue Management

Travel Diary - The Art of Pálinka

The Art of Home-Made Plum Pálinka
Backa Topola Serbia, July 2013
Documented by Lucas Milone @ Anue Management

Anue | Abroad

In a land so known for trouble, I found nothing but untouched beauty and never ending sunshine. I laid amoung the land and swam in the lakes, I ate food until I could eat no more and danced until the morning. This part of the country, the land, its beauty, is what fills my memories of Backa Topola, Serbia. 
- Elvina.   

Anue | Feature

1. Lucas Papaw Ointment 
Guaranteed, if you know an Aussie, been to Aussie or just generally know about Aussies, you've heard of this little miracle product in a tube. I *literally* carry this with me everywhere and I even have a few extras stashed around the house for emergency.  I even recently used it on a shoot with Sukki Singapura for Esquire as she was suffering with some badly itching mozzie bites (a little dab on each bite and itch-be-gone!)

Quick & Simple - Healthy Summer Salad

A super quick and easy salad I make for Luca and I on lazy warm nights. Feel free to add in extras like olives, cucumber, baby tomatoes, etc. I tend to throw in whatever else happens to be in the fridge at the time. We love to pile the salad between the bread and eat it as a fresh salad sandwich. Also never fear if you make too much - leftovers get throw into the pan the next morning with some eggs for a breakfast omelet. Yummy!  


500g Smoked Salmon
250g Danish Feta
500g Spinach and Rocket Mix
15g Capers
A squeeze of half a Lemon
Sprinkle of Dill
A bit of Pepper
Toasted Wholemeal Bread

Toss all together and serve with a glass of Moscato wine.

Instagram snap of our serve - @anuemanagement  

Esquire Singapore - Women We Love

Esquire Singapore, Edition October 2013
Featuring Sukki Singapura for Women We Love 
Photography by Elvina Farkas @ Anue Management
Video shot and edited by Lucas Milone @ Anue Management

Monday's Interior Goodies

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