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If you're reading this because it had FREE in the description, well read on my friend, because these apps have no hidden fees and no hidden costs (although your shopping addiction is not our fault!)
Here's a quick round up of my favourite fun, free and inspiring apps that I use a lot (all iphone friendly of course) And yes, you're welcome.

1. Houzz
Key words: architecture/interior inspiration, designs, products, forums, features
Love inspiring house pictures and really great real-life tips and tricks for all sorts of home related problems? I do. Greatest part about this app is its huge inventory of home products that showcases not only its prices but where to buy it. The downfall is that it's an American based application so all prices and locations are based in the US, but fantastic for browsing ideas such as what kind of office chair/lamp/table you like. Another fav feature is the weekly newsletter that showcases people's homes and new trends - overall great app for interior lovers.
Hate the app? Enjoy it here instead: Houzz

2. Architizer
Key words: architecture/interior inspiration, designs, features
This is basically just beautiful eye candy if you like anything to do with architecture and interior design. A huge library filled with full screen HD images that you can flick through with the swipe of your finger, plus well detailed information page on each project showcased. What more do you want?
Hate the app? Enjoy it here instead: Architizer

3. Fancy
Key words: products, fashion, lifestyle, inspiration 
Fancy is a pretty cool place to hang out online and in-app to browse a ginormous curated catalog of awesome things such as homewares, nic-nacs, fashion, tech goodies and all other general amazing stuff. The selling point on this app is that if you have uncontrollable urges to immediately buy the must have products, you can do just that! Since I have slightly more willpower than most lost hope shopaholics, I tend to use this app in a more "you're-so-vain" way, i.e. showcasing my curated selection of gadgets and fashion items that I think makes me look cool and artsy. But really, the choice is yours.. 
Hate the app? Enjoy it here instead: Fancy

4. Culture Mag
Key words: magazine, videos, hair, fashion, style
This is a very popular and well known Australian magazine that showcases international and national hair trends, fashion pieces, interviews and beautiful photographic editorials. The strongest highlight here of course is its editorials, most of it accompanied with short behind the scene videos or moving images thanks to its clever interactive format (pull-up and rotate for more). Other great features include the 'Working Lunch' section that kills two birds with one stone, showcasing not only the beautifully chosen restaurant but the dining interviewee at the same time. It's a fantastic magazine that doesn't cost you a subscription fee to access.
Hate the app? Enjoy it here instead: Culture Mag

5. Net-A-Porter
Key words: luxury, magazine, videos, fashion, style
If you haven't heard of this app/online store, chances are that you're just not into luxury brands or you've been living under a rock. Here is where you get all your off-the-runway fashion inspiration, indulging in everything luxury from bags, shoes, accessories and even celebrities. Now comes the highlight: the iPad app. This is just awesomeness wrap up into one. Think of it like visually reading a magazine except that you can instantly 'Shop The Look' directly from the pages. Like that YSL coat and bag on said celebrity? Click here and buy! It's that simple. 
Hate the app? Enjoy it here instead: Net-A-Porter

Product image shot by Lucas Milone @ Anue Management


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