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Norwegian eye candy Robin Pay pops by the Anue Studios HQ for a quick interrogation on pizza, Singlish and if Big Foot is out there... 

Name:  Robin Hjelde PAY

Age:  26

Nationality:  Norwegian

Idol Looks (MOTHER AGENCY) OSLO, Mannequin SINGAPORE, Wilhelmina NEW YORK, M Management PARIS, Supa LONDON, Place HAMBURG, I Love MILANO 

Singapore is home for:  70 days 

How did you get into modeling?

A colleague from the gym, who works for Norwegian brand Mardou & Dean, called me one day to ask if I would be a model for one of their upcoming campaigns, if I could fit into their clothes. The clothes fit, the shoot went well, and they passed me onto my soon-to-be mother agent, Amar at Idol Looks. I didn't really know what modeling was about, or fashion for that matter, but with a couple of coffees and some test shoots later, I was a model.   

Besides modelling, do you have any other day jobs or full time hobbies?

For the past 3 years I have been a full time student of osteopathy in Oslo, a form of manual treatment like chiropractic, physiotherapy etc. I'll be starting my final year this autumn. At the same school, I work as an assistant teacher for the younger classes, and in the evenings, I work as a personal trainer at Myrens, the best gym in Oslo. As for my hobbies, I do running far and fast, lifting mediocre heavy things and winter activities, like cross-country skiing and snowboarding. I also enjoy reading whatever articles I find interesting, especially in the topics of fitness, nutrition, physiology, anatomy etc. I'm kind of a nerd with too much energy.

Robin Pay @ Mannequin Singapore - Images by Elvina Farkas @ Anue Management

Dish of choice, pizza or salad?

Whichever has the most meat :)

If you could sing only 1 song on a talent show, what would it be and why?

I'd love to do something Motown, like "I heard it through the grapevine". They really could sing with a lot of soul, emotion, funk and groove back then. Although I literally can't sing so the national hymn of Spain would probably suit me better! 

Can you speak Singlish yet?

I find Singlish friendly, calming and a bit confusing at times, all in a good way of course! But, can I speak it? Not at all.

Memorable moments in your career so far?

It has been 2 years with lots of memorable moments, traveling around Europe, New York and now Singapore for the sole purpose of trying to looking good in front of a camera (and getting paid for it). If I have to choose one particular special moment, it would be the time I went to Venice Italy, to do an advertorial for the German brand Loveday Jeans. Papis Loveday and the rest of the crew were great people, and Venice is really fantastic in itself. It's such an amazing place, I hope everyone can get the chance to experience it one day.

Do you believe in Big Foot?




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