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Here in the office we quite often bounce around ideas, thoughts & inspirations. This week, we thought it would a good idea to take the approach of "sharing-is-caring", so here is what's currently inspiring the Anue team this week.
L to R: Panic - Caravan Palace, The Time Travller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

Elvina is listening to some Caravan Palace, a Paris-based, electro-swing band from France, and re-reading The Time-Traveller's wife, the debut book by American author Audrey Niffenegger that also saw a movie adaptation in 2009.

Still from Gentlemen Broncos

Lucas' love for films, specifically the science-fiction and comic-relief genre, has brought him to rewatch a film called Gentlemen Broncos, a 2009 comedy about a lonesome writer whose story was ripped off by a legendary fantasy writer and adapted into a disastrous movie by his town's most well-known homespun filmmaker.

Hyperion - Dan Simmons

Another one by Lucas is Hyperion by Dan Simmons, famous for his Hugo-award winning science fiction series, popularly known as Hyperion Cantos.

L to R: Screaming Pope - Francis Bacon, Susie Smoking - Nick Knight

Jerome's inspiration has been a mix between Irish-born English painter Francis Bacon and renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight. The former, whose artwork Three Studies of Lucian Freud became the most expensive painting ever sold at US$142.4 million, takes inspiration from photographs and paints it in his own savage, warped and graphic manner. The latter, a renowned British fashion photographer whose fashion website SHOWstudio streamed the late Alexander McQueen's landmark SS10 ready-to-wear, Plato's Atlantis, photographed Susie Bick wearing Yohji Yamamoto Fall 1988 in the above photo. 


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