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By Elvina FARKAS

An avid lover of architecture and design, I was in awe when I came across the explicitly wonderful interview, filmed by, of Spanish architect and designer Partricia Urquiola. Albeit a feature of her Milanese home, she lightly touched based on a subject I was quite surprised to hear her include; the reign of sexism, or in this case, the lack thereof.

I do agree, that in a male dominated industry, to be a woman and to raise the issue of being a woman gets an immediate yelp of the feminism stigma, but I adore the way Patricia lights the fact that her gender is not an issue.

"When I opened the studio, to be a woman or a man was not a big difference. I think it is the way you relate to the company, the way you can drive the process of any kind of project with the company, the way you can communicate your personality to the company. The body is just being a woman's body".

I, myself, being a woman in what I would argue is a very heavily male-oriented industry, have never felt that my gender is of a barrier to my creative energy or force. In fact, I feel it is my advantage, to perhaps see things, or rather feel things, in a different way to my male counterparts. Regardless, our company, our team, works together as a whole. We do not argue over who is better, who is stronger, who should be paid more, no. We work diligently, with respect and we are patience to each other's indifferences, it has never been a matter of gender equality.

It's about time we, as women, stop wondering if its a definition of success to be a woman in a man's world. As Urquiola so finely puts it, "The only way to grow is by breaking your own prejudices", and you are absolutely right.

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